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Stand for Sale in Highlands, Harare

August 19, 2013

land plots for sale zimbabwe harareA fantastic opportunity to own a prime piece of land in Highlands, Harare.

Size: 1.89444 hectares/4.6809 acres with

Extras: 3 bed-roomed old house and other out buildings

Asking price $575 000


Call Constance: 263773710745

WhatsApp: 263776774779

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Ultimate 6 Step Guide For Buying A House In Zimbabwe

June 28, 2018

first_time_home_buyerNever bought a house in Zimbabwe before? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We know that buying your first home is a big decision that may feel like it holds far more ‘new challenges’ than ‘new begin-nings’. That’s why we’ve put together this six-step guide that will help first time buyers navigate through the entire process of acquiring their first property – right from the house-hunt to the house-warming!



For many, the house-hunting process generally starts with tons of questions, such as: “Where’s the best place to look for property?” “How do I know that the area I want to buy in is a good one?” “How do I know if the offer I want to make on my dream home will actually ensure I get it?” This is not even to mention the complication and uncertainties around getting a bond approved…

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with these difficult questions or processes on your own – that is, if you have a reliable, experienced estate agent who can help you to find your dream home.

So, what does a good estate agent look like? Make sure you ask the following questions of your agent:


  1. a) Is s/he qualified?

Agents working in real estate in Zimbabwe are required to have a valid Compensation Fund Certificate that needs to be renewed every year. Ensuring that you ask a qualified registered estate agent to represent you is especially important as s/he need to help you navigate and understand the, very often, complicated terms and conditions involved in buying your home. Further to this it always that you deal with sales agents who has been trained in the field of sales and marketing of real estate, at least you are guaranteed of excellent customer service.


  1. b) Is s/he on your side?

It’s important to know your sales agent has your best interest at heart and that they will find you exactly what you’re looking for and can afford. Personal recommendations are a great way of finding an agent you can trust – so, ask family, friends and neighbours. If they had good experiences, chances are you will too.


  1. c) Does s/he know the area?

We get it: there are probably hundreds of neighbourhoods in your search area, so where do you even begin looking? Your agent should be able to provide you with those important pieces of information – such as schools in a 10km radius, who is in charge of the community watch, where’s the nearest shopping centre – that could just be the thing that will sell a neighbour-hood to you.



Before you start dreaming about the kind of house you want, start thinking about the kind of neighbourhood you want to live in… Because, where you live does have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Here are a two things that will help you find the right neighbourhood:


  1. a) Review your lifestyle


When buying your first home, it’s important to think a few years ahead… city-living might be your dream right now but, if you’re thinking about starting a family soon, the bustling nightlife around your apartment might not be well suited for a new born baby. If you’re a parent, you may want to ask yourself where you would like your kids to go to school? Or if you have dogs, you may want to consider neighbourhoods that have the best parks and outdoor areas? Other questions you need to

look into include: How far are you willing to commute? Are you planning to drive, walk or take public transport? Do you want to be in a neighbourhood with charm and character, or do you prefer the newer, more modern areas?


  1. b) Scout the area

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of preferred neighbourhoods, it’s time to explore it. Take particular note of your general impression of the area: What were some of the first things you noticed? Are the sidewalks and houses well maintained? Can you visualise yourself jogging or walking your dog in the area? Take a drive through the neighbourhood in the evening and see if it still has the same appeal. Talk to people in the area and find out what they think about it. This is often the quickest way to get an insider’s perspective on the area.



So, you’ve narrowed down your search to a select few neighbourhoods; now it’s time to find a property that you can afford in one of them. This step is where your estate agent comes in, as s/he will be able to provide you with a list of the available properties within your price bracket in your preferred area.

You may also want to browse online portals as many exciting, new properties are listed on various property websites. And while you’re there, make sure you subscribe to updates and set up alerts for listings in the area you’re interested in and soon you’ll be saying home-sweet-home in no time!



There are few things as disappointing for first time buyers than finding their dream home, only to discover – once the offer has been accepted – that the bond hasn’t been approved! Fortunately, we suggest disappointment can be easily avoided, if you arrange a pre-qualification certificate with your financier.

What is this pre-qualified certificate, you ask? It’s a free, no-obligation document offered to buyers through mortgage institu-tion. It will not only give you an indication of what kind of bond you will be able to afford (and qualify for), but it will also:

Enable you to search for a property within your budget, and thus save you valuable time and effort.

Empower you in negotiations, as you will know what you can afford and how far you will be able to stretch your offer or any counter offer.

Make you a favourable candidate when putting an offer on the table. Sellers prefer buyers who are pre-qualified, as they know that the offer a buyer makes is one that they really can afford.

Make the bond application much quicker and far simpler. All relevant paperwork is usually submitted in your pre-qualification certificate; so, it’ll only require a few amendments and you’ll be set to go!



Always put forward an offer that will make you the most favoured candidate to the seller. How? Consider offering full or close to full asking price; if the property is worth it (and you can afford it), consider offering a bit more – this is when your pre-quali-fication certificate is particularly useful, as you will know exactly what you can offer.

Another factor that will make you a favourable buyer is if you have a substantial cash deposit to put down. A decent deposit is not only a positive sign of commitment and goodwill, but also shows both the seller and the banks that you can afford the property. So, it might be good to ensure you’ve got enough saved up before you start the house hunt.



Many first time buyers are often unaware of all additional costs that are involved in buying and in transferring the property in to your name. These fees can become costly, especially if you’ve not planned for them.

Instead, familiarise yourself with the costs and make sure you can afford to pay them before the house is put into your name. These include:


  1. a) Transfer Costs

This is the fee payable to transfer the property into your name. While the price varies from home to home, you can bargain for anywhere between 8% – 10% of the purchase price amount.

  1. b) Bond Costs

There are also fees involved in registering a bond. The main areas where costs come in are: home loan initiation fee (the cost to process your home loan application), the conveyancer’s fees, which vary according to the capital of your home loan account but it’s important to note that the higher your bond amount, the higher the conveyance fee; and post and petties for the deeds office to register your bond.

Happy House Hunting!


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This article comes to you cutesy of Rawson Properties – Your neighborhood experts.

Please note: We have compiled this information in good faith, but we accept no liability for any errors, or for any use that is made of it, or for any problems or damage that may arise as a result of using or acting upon this information.

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The (Hidden) Costs Of Selling A Property in Zimbabwe

June 20, 2018

the-hidden-costs-of-flipping-houses-in-2017-e28093-local-records-office1There are a number of costs involved in buying and selling a property, in addition to the payment of the actual purchase price. Most of the costs are for the purchasers account, but the seller does bear a few costs. We call them “hidden costs”, not because they’re a secret, but because, most sellers aren’t initially aware of them. Last thing you want is that kind of “not so nice” surprise. 

The seller is liable for the payment of:

  • Agents commission – which is usually payable in terms of a mandate where an estate agent is responsible for concluding a sale of property. The agent fees is usually a minimum recommended rate of 5% (Plus VAT) of the finally agreed sale price.
  • Rates Clearance Certificates – which should be obtained from the local authority or body corporate stating that your rates and taxes or levies are paid up to date, before the property is transferred. The rates and taxes have to be paid 3 months in advance before registration , of the property into the name of the new buyer, can take place.
  • Bond Cancellation Fees – The seller must pay up the balance of the existing bond on the property, if any, and/or pay a cancellation fee to the cancellation attorneys in respect of the cancellation of the existing bond.
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – Depending with assessments by Zimra, the seller is expected to pay: 5% of the sale price, as capital gains tax, in the event a sale of a property bought prior to 1st February 2009, or 20% of a property bought after 1st February 2009. In some instances approvable by ZIMRA, the seller can be exempted from paying Capital Gains Tax.


rawon stripeThis article comes to you cutesy of Rawson Properties – Your neighborhood experts.

Please note: We have compiled this information in good faith, but we accept no liability for any errors, or for any use that is made of it, or for any problems or damage that may arise as a result of using or acting upon this information.

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Why You Absolutely MUST Make Sure Your Real Estate Agent Is Properly Certified

June 11, 2018

This article is brought to you by Rawson Properties, winners of the Megafest “Best Real Estate Agent” Award for 2018

Property consumers need to become more aware of the dangers of doing
business with unqualified and uncertified estate agents..

Time and again we read and hear about unfortunate members of the public
who have supposedly been taken for a ride by an estate agent, but in the
great majority of these cases it turns out that the person was actually just
someone masquerading as an agent – not actually an agent at all –
showing that many consumers don’t know enough about how to tell the

Recent scams have included fake sales, in which the bogus agents have
pretended to sell stands in non-existent developments and disappeared
with all the buyers’ deposits, fake rentals where con-artists have also just
collected as many deposits as possible from prospective tenants or
holidaymakers before disappearing, and the theft of money from sectional
title body corporate accounts by unregistered managing agents, as well as
the misappropriation of buyer or tenant deposits from an agency trust

And all these frauds have happened despite stricter education and
qualification requirements for estate agents, in addition to the requirement
for anyone working as an estate agent to be registered with the Estate

Agents Council of Zimbabwe and be in possession of a current
Compensation Fund Certificate.

Many consumers, including sellers and landlords as well as buyers and
tenants, however, often have no idea that estate agents need to be
properly qualified, or that it is their right to ask for a valid Compensation
Fund Certificate.

It would really be nice to see the Estate Agents Council do more to get the
word out about the benefits of working with certified agents – and about the
dangers of dealing with those who are not.

There is need for more vigorous checks being done to ensure that agency
principals who are certified are not letting their sales and letting , including
support staff work without supervision.

Pay attention to the following critical things:

  • Every consumer who intends to have any business dealings with a person
    claiming to be an estate agent should first ask that person to produce proof
    for a valid Compensation Fund Certificate that is no more than a year old.
    When it comes to rental property, both the property owner (landlord) and
    the person renting (tenant) should ensure that any deposit collected by a
    rental management agent is paid into a proper trust account – not the
    agent’s personal account.
  • Prospective tenants should never pay over a deposit until they have
    viewed the property inside and out and a valid lease has been signed by
    the landlord as well as themselves.
  • On the other hand, landlords should never allow their properties to be
    occupied by tenants until there is a lease in place and they are certain the
    deposit has been paid into a trust account.
  • Home buyers should also never pay over a deposit until they have
    thoroughly checked the property inside and out and a sale agreement has
    been signed by the seller as well as themselves. And if they are in any
    doubt about what this contract says, they should take it to their own lawyer
    before they sign it.
  • Sellers should never allow anyone to take occupation of their home or land
    until they have proof that transfer of that property has been registered in
    the Deeds Office. They should also never agree to pay any transfer costs
    or bond registration costs on behalf of the buyer, and never pay any
    commission to the estate agent before transfer has been registered.

Please note: We have compiled this information in good faith, but we accept no liability for any errors, or for any use that is made of it, or for any problems or damage that may arise as a result of using or acting upon this information.

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Beautiful House To Rent In Highlands, Harare

November 18, 2014

Double story house to rent in highlands.

2 lounges with one overlooking the pool, 4 bedrooms upstairs with the main en suite, 2 baths and toilets.
Ground Floor has the lounges,kitchen,study,toilet and 1 bed en suite guest wing

There is a tennis court ,pool and 6 roomed staff quarters

Property has electric fence and working borehole and comes partly furnished

Contact us if you’re interested.

house to rent harare10678701_10152842417562726_1812377041682139357_nswimming pool harare

Stands Available In Tynwald

June 30, 2014

Tynwald North 400sqm ready to build stand.

$20 000.

Full payment preferred
Tynwald Cold Comfort 480sqm ready to build stand.

$20 000.

Full payment

Is Your House Safe From Thieves?

May 14, 2014

What could possibly be more important than the safety and security of your property and family? Nothing! That’s why it’s important to have a good sense of how secure your home is. As Zimbabwe is going through a difficult time, reports of break ins seem to be on the rise – you must take steps to make sure you’re not next! Fortunately there are a number of very simple, yet effective ways to discourage burglars (and worse) from targeting your home.

In this video, a police offers some sound advice on how to protect your house from burglars


There are quite a few security companies to choose from in Zimbabwe, and they are not all created equal. We would recommend going with a company that is well established and with a great reputation. Probably the best of these security companies would be Fawcett Security. With the widest nationwide network, and decades of experience, you can trust them to deliver a great service for you.

Simple Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

May 13, 2014

landscapingIn Zimbabwe, Landscaping is an often overlooked way to bring out the best in your house. Truth is though, whether you’re looking to turn a house into a home, or even deliver a killer first impression when you’re selling your property, landscaping can be invaluable! Unless you are a professional landscaper or have particularly green fingers, the whole process can be a little intimidating.

That’s why we decided to share this video with you. In just a few minutes it will take you through a few basic, but effective ideas you can use to improve the front yard of your home.